Our Global Belief System — Part One — Contours

You might think your spiritual and atheists beliefs are unique.

You might think your system is better than most.

But is it really unique? Is it really better?

When you scan the belief systems of the world, you find that Christian or Muslim, Marxist and atheist, we all believe almost exactly the same things.

Good Versus Evil

For example, almost all belief systems on the planet believe in a cosmic struggle between good and evil, light and dark.

Sometimes the good and evil are personified into cosmic figures, as is the case with Christianity or Islam, and sometimes it is abstracted into cosmic or natural forces of positive versus negative, as in the case of the Marxian dialectic.

Sometimes the belief is religious (God/Satan) and sometimes it is secular(Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader, Harry Potter/Voldemort)

You Have to Make a Choice

In addition to beliefs in good and evil, this planet’s belief systems also teach us that we have to make a choice between the “dark side” and the “light side.”

Once you have made the choice, you are also taught you have to fight, preferably on the “good” side.

Justice, Judgment, Punishment, and Reward

And it is not just notions of a cosmic struggle between good and evil that are spread widely throughout the world.

World belief systems also speak of “justice,” judgment and some form of punishment and reward.

If you make the right choice, if you follow the God rules, if you act like a good boy and behave like a good girl, you will be rewarded. But if you don’t make the right choice…

…if you don’t follow the god rules…

…if you’re not a good boy or a good girl…

…you will be punished…

Sometimes the punishment is karmic rebirth.

Sometimes the punishment is fiery and eternal damnation.

And sometime it is just temporary pain, like getting a strap on the bum or going to jail for your sins.

We all go along with that. We all believe that when you do something wrong, according to the rules, you should be punished.

Good versus evil.

Cosmic Choices.

Justice, judgment, punishment, and reward.

No matter who we are, no matter where we are from, (Muslim or Jew, Christian or atheist) we all believe in these things.

Where do these beliefs come from? Is this consistency a problem? Maybe. maybe it is a problem. Subscribe to this channel and explore.

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Mike Sosteric

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