Chaos Rising.
Stars are dying.
Planet frying.
Children crying.

Bad news coming.
Signs abounding.
Mike expounding,
Truth astounding.

White horse riding.
Food cost rising.
Dark times tiding.
No disguising.

Fear and terror.
Dark pall bearer.
Wish ’twas fairer?
There’s no error.

Angels singing,
God is winning!
Chakras spinning.
Christ a grinning.

Mind a humming?
Heart a thrumming?
Skin a numbing?
Second coming!

Better listen.
Get some vision.
Make decision.
End division.

Or you’ll check out,
Light will burn out.
There is no doubt.
Can’t change God’s route.

Fair forewarning.
Golden morning.
Crown adorning
Final warning.

Time to cast out.
Time to end drought.
Best to not doubt.
Time has run out.



Tomas The Course of Empire Destruction (public domain image)

About to fall, about to fall, the paraments about to fall
And fancy bangles on the wall and systems that hold us in thrall.
About to fall, about to fall, no more to screw us to the wall.
I say this to the dark cabal, the floor around you ’bout to fall.

And dance and jump with glee I see, appointed time, the people freed.
And no more death, and nature be in balance with the Cosmic Tree.
And so I sing “About to fall,” while you read writing on the wall.
And if you see then smile with me and watch it, watch it, watch it fall.



Existing for all eternities

I AM the Air of Pure Consciousness,
I AM the progeny of pure bliss.
I AM the Alpha and Omega.
I AM a beginning without end.

Born from a cosmic boredom,

I AM compassion and love eternal.
I AM the source of every thing.
I have Imagination, I think and I wonder.
And for all these reasons,



Mike Sosteric

Eschatological poetry, and sometimes some other stuff